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Last Call for Tomorrow is beyond sobering; it refuses to sugarcoat our human predicament. Can we handle the unvarnished truth of our current rush toward extreme climate change, species extinctions, and resource depletion? Watch it only if you care about the future.
-- Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute

Last Call for Tomorrow is a film for our time. The ecological predicament of our precious planet Earth demands greater awareness, information and action. This film is to inspire the viewers to do exactly that. It is an outstanding film bringing together some of the visionary activists of our time in one place. They share their wisdom and their experience in a clear and concise manner. I hope millions of people will watch this film and be inspired to join a journey of transformation.
–- Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

This film calls for the need for ambitious activism. It highlights the problems of destructive capitalism and shows the pervasive impact that our dependence on fossil fuels and are greedy materialism have brought. It inspires, empowers, and summons us to take personal responsibility and call upon our better selves. It points out that although we will all die we can live more fulfilled lives by empathizing with future generations.
-- John Perkins, author of New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Last Call for Tomorrow is simply the best film made so far on the gravity of our current crisis and what we can do about it. Other films sugar coat the crisis so people don’t feel bad. What Gary Null has produced is a presentation with ruthless realism that makes the call to action — direct action by the people — so much more inspiring. We have everything to lose. We also have everything to gain if we all take to the streets in honor of the sanctity of life.
-– Dr. Jim Garrison, president Ubiquity University and former president of The Gorbachev Foundation

"See this film, don't look away. Watch and come alive with raging love and bone-deep purpose. Dramatically exposing the causes and unfolding dimensions of our climate catastrophe, Last Call for Tomorrow will be essential viewing for my students and colleagues in the global network of the Work That Reconnects. It is an experience that breeds gratitude for being here now: to speak the searing truth and act in solidarity with one another and our living Earth. For there is still much that can be done to mitigate disaster, as well as to liberate our intelligence and compassion"
-- Joanna Macy, environmental activist, author A Wild Love for the World: Joanna Macy and the Work of Our Time

Last Call for Tomorrow brings home the message of the most vital importance for all of us today—the existential threat of the climate catastrophe against all life. Beautifully filmed and eloquently narrated, it pulls no punches and stirs us all to action. It is the last call, we must heed it, and act as if our lives and heirs depend on it. This great film proves that it does and they do.
-- Robert A.F. Thurman, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

Last Call for Tomorrow is a gripping film with imaginative cinematography that in many ways lets a wounded Mother Nature herself make the case for ending fossil fuels and a planetary declaration of climate emergency."
-- Juan Cole, Professor, University of Michigan

Last Call for Tomorrow is a piercing look into what we humans have done to damage our beautiful Earth and jeopardize our eco-system on which all life depends. It dives deep into how we have fouled our air, polluted our water and contaminated our soil.

There is no holding back in this film which is what makes it so poignant. The experts such as Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Guy McPherson make clear that the damage is so severe—and worsening literally by the day—that there is really no turning back, that certain tipping points have been passed and no matter what, we’ll be living on a different, highly-compromised planet, that is, as long as life is sustainable at all, a point which the film really brings home.

One of the film’s features is that it looks closely at both the micro-level damage in local water-ways as well as the macro-level purview of how ice melt is affecting ocean currents leading then to sea-level rise. The film shows the interconnectedness of all aspects of the eco-system and how they interact with each other. It makes the point, in case anyone hasn’t yet gotten it, all life is interdependent. Harm one, harm all.

The diagnosis is clear and it is not good. The patient, Planet Earth, is in need of serious rehabilitation. What the film does not address however, is solutions that are currently available and some of which are being widely implemented regarding regenerative agriculture and other means of shifting lifestyle patterns and technological advances that can go far to reverse the damaging trends. It can be argued whether these are “too little too late” but it should be acknowledged and at this point, applauded, that there is a world-wide movement in many sectors that are seriously committed to turning things around. I know, because my organization and I are part of it.

The film, in its wisdom, does implicate however, another patient: us. Yes, our collective, unconsciousness, unyielding greed, willingnessto do anything to the Earth or to each other for power and money, is where the real sickness begins. The pathology is begins with us and needs to be healed by us. When we put people and planet before profit, when that happens, and our willingness to scrutinize why would we even consider doing harm to others or planet, we are making progress. We just need to move along at this point rapidly so it’s just not too late.

Few filmmakers are willing to unfurl the truth unabated. But that’s exactly what Gary Null and team accomplish in this film. This is why it deserves the recognition that it has. This is that bitter pill no one wants to swallow but must.

This film’s strength is in its unbridled and scientific review of current climatic trends, local and global, which are nothing short of heart-breaking and endangering all species on Earth, including our own.

I would like to see people everywhere see this and from the heartbreak, be inspired to become part of the solution.
-- Mitchell Rabin, CEO, A Better World Foudation

The natural world has been under unprecedented attack since the dawn of Industrial Civilization over 250 years ago. That attack, like the global mean temperature, has accelerated in recent years and decades and continues to accelerate. Non-linearity is more obvious by the day. Dr Gary Null and his team have, with this wonderful documentary Last Call for Tomorrow, shone a bright light on the unfolding tragedy of the collapse of everything we hold dear. Past civilizations have collapsed and this one will be no different, tragically the collapse of this civilization is contemporaneous with the unraveling of the entire biosphere. Industrial civilization has brought us to the edge of extinction and as the documentary shows our youth are being more honest than their elders. Our greatest pre-collapse challenge will be managing our own grief and that of our youth. This excellent documentary is a clarion call for us to face the unfolding predicament. There is no previous analogue for navigating these ‘uncharted waters’. Last Call for Tomorrow succeeds in laying out the predicament we face. We have an obligation to the youth and all the other species to at least go down speaking truth to power and facing the irreversible consequences of the folly of infinite growth on a finite planet.
-- Kevin Hester, Host, Nature Bats Last (New Zealand)

Gary Null continues to inspire us all with his relentless courage and honesty. I am grateful, as ever, for his excellent latest film, Last Call for Tomorrow.
—- Derrick Jensen, author of Bright Green Lies and The Myth of Human Supremacy

Last Call for Tomorrow is superbly filmed and detailed evidence of the supreme and suicidal human folly that has both horrified and energized a young generation led by Greta Thunberg, who opens this riveting film. It should be seen in every educational and religious venue worldwide, immediately. And then we must transform the energy of our anger and anguish into a thunderous backup movement to save ourselves from our otherwise inevitably shared holocaust.
-- Elisabet Sahtouris PhD, Evolutionary biologist, Chair of Living Economies at the World Business Academy

Gary Null has done it again. Last Call for Tomorrow is a truly great film, full of deeply disturbing realities, credible solutions and well-reasoned calls to action. For those truly committed to the survival of our species, it is unavoidable and indispensable. Don’t miss it…and don’t miss doing something about it! NOW!!
-- Harvey Wasserman, green power activist, author of The People’s Spiral of History: From Jigonsaseh to Solartopia to Life After Trump

Last Call for Tomorrow makes it overwhelmingly clear: the global ecological crisis is upon us, courtesy of a globalizing, corporate dominated, out-of-control growth economy. To have any hope of securing a "tomorrow" for all, we must urgently transform that economy, and support localized systems that serve life."
-- Helena Norberg-Hodge, Founder of Local Futures

Last Call for Tomorrow is brilliant both in style and content. It is very important and I hope it will be widely seen.
-- Ralph Abraham, Emeritus Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz

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